Pressure Gauge Model 7500

The AGF Pressure Gauge Model 7500 is a UL Listed/FM Approved 4" pressure gauge designed for use on wet fire sprinkler systems. Designed to meet NFPA 13 requirements (2007 Edition) -, 7.2.1 -, 7.8.7,, and 8.17.3.

The AGF ¼" 3-Way Globe Valve Model 7600 is designed to connect the pressure gauge to the sprinkler systems. The Model 7600 is designed to meet NFPA 13 System Attachments stating "...each gauge shall be equipped with a shutoff valve and provision for drainage". ¼" Steel Plug sold seperately.


  • Wet System Pressure Monitoring

M7500 Item ID Description
7500 M7500 Pressure Gauge with 3-Way Valve