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March 2019

The Fire Spinkler Podcast

The Fire Sprinkler Podcast
February 2019

Made in America (Why Should You Care?)

Sprinkler Age
January/February 2019

"Made in America", "Buy America", "Buy America", American Recovery Reinvestment Act, Made in the USA, Assembled in the USA... why should you care...

AGF Announces New PURGEnVENT Model 7930 ECA

Malvern, PA
January 18, 2019

AGF Manufacturing, a designer and manufacturer of specialized fire sprinkler components, announces their newest addition to the PURGEnVENT product line...

AGF Goes to College

FPC Magazine
September 2017

College and Universities in the United States have been on a steady growth curve for the last 20 plus years. And, while most students don't choose a college based on the pressence of sprinklers, higher education administrators realized the safety of their students was an important feature for parents, and began to retrofit dormitories...

Pressure Relief Valves in Wet Sprinkler Systems

FPC Magazine
February 2017

In 2010, NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems adopted the new standard requiring the installation of pressure relief valves on all wet systems. Prior to 2010...

Reliable Corrosion Monitoring Made Simple

FPC Magazine
December 2016

Corrosion is a continuous and virtually unstoppable force of nature, and it is on the rise. Corrosion occurs when...

Part of Utah State's Maverik Stadium Renovation

FPC Magazine
September 2016

Utah State University, located in the Northern Utah Mountains, is known for its top-notch academics and research, and nationally recognized for its athletics. In August 2016, Utah State's Division I Aggies returned to their newly renovated and renamed football stadium...

No More Iced Storage in Hanover

FPC Magazine
September 2014

The winter of 2013/2014 was still a painful memory for U-Haul Moving and Storage of Hanover in Massachusetts when they started experiencing similar system breakdowns due to freeze-ups at the beginning of this past winter...

Don't Get Burned By Sprinkler System Freeze-Ups

Parking Today
November 2012

If your parking structure is enclosed, if the ceiling is less than 24 inches above grade, if your structure is of Type III or Type IV construction over 50 ft. in height, if your parking structure is immediately below or adjacent a building used for another occupancy, chances are that it has a fire sprinkler system installed. And if you do have a sprinkler system installed in your parking structure that chances are good that it is a Dry System...

A Marriage Made in a Stairwell

FPC Magazine
January 2012

Like many in our industry, when I walk into a building I tend to look for and notice things differently than the usual visitor. I look for a sprinkler systems. While some may choose to take the stairs for exercise, I do it to check out the building's riser; it has just become a habit. What I am always most interested in is that collection of pipe, valves, fittings, and components that make up the Floor Control Assembly...

A New Way to do the Same Old Thing

FPC Magazine
June 2004

The "Floor Control Valve Assembly for Wet Pipe Systems" drawing that appears in the current edition of NFPA 13, Chapter 8, has remained unchanged for as long as most of us can remember. However, even though this drawing has remained unchanged, the "Floor Control Assembly and Inspector's Test Loop" has gone through a number of evolutionary changes. The "Inspector's Test Loop" was the first part of the "Floor Control Valve Assembly" to evolve...

Standardization of Residential Riser Assemblies

FPC Magazine
January 2004

As the demand for Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems has grown in our area of the country, it has quickly become one-third of our business at Victory Fire Protection, Inc.

We are now doing on average over 250 residential systems annually...